The Respo WEEE Association was established in June 2019, with the aim of taking over the legal responsibility of producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. Made up of professionals with decades of experience in the field of WEEE management, the organization has the mission to operate in response to current market needs and to bring sustainable and fair solutions to its members.

Respo WEEE mission is to create a perfect synergy between operational efficiency and environmental protection. We want to excel in everything that means WEEE management services and solutions, acting on well-defined strategies that ensure increased performance and sustainable growth to the producers we have the honour to represent. Our final goal is to significantly contribute, by means of a combined effort, to the sustainable development of Romanian society, by improving the quality of the environment, the economy of resources and the protection of human health.

The Respo WEEE Association is dedicated to a high-performance WEEE collection and recycling process, which ensures the conditions of quality, reliability and technological progress at high standards. Our services exist to create an efficient system for collecting, treating, reusing and recycling WEEE, so as to minimize the waste and environmental impact. The team is fully committed to providing solutions tailored to the needs of our partners, but also to the WEEE management market, making a valuable contribution to waste management in a responsible manner and constantly promoting correct and safe WEEE recycling practices.

As the name of our organization, Respo WEEE, suggests, the basic principle we follow and want to pass on to the community around us is RESPONSIBILITY.

We are constantly looking for INNOVATION, adapting to the Romanian market, we are promoting the best international practices of sustainable approach to the issue of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

DETERMINATION, PASSION and TEAM EFFORT of the Respo WEEE Association gives TRUST to our members and partners, offering efficient services and costs, but also friendly to the environment and human health.

Be RESPOnsible, Recycle! Say NO to Waste!