It is time to create a routine from NOT throwing away refrigerators, telephones, obsolete computers or household appliances. It is a dangerous practice, one which is harmful to the environment and human health.

That is why the RESPO WEEE Association has engaged this autumn in a campaign for the correct collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the country. Under the aegis Say NO to waste! Respo WEEE Association together with the local authorities and regional collaborators, the sanitation company BraiCata, collected WEEE from Alba and Vâlcea counties in August and September.

From refrigerators and gas stoves to cathode ray tube TVs and computers of the first generations – the Romanians cleaned their households, giving up old equipment, aware of the risk they face if they do not properly recycle the waste electrical and electronic equipment that should not end up in the landfill.

The teams were requested by Green Call, number especially allocated for the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and thus we managed to collect in record time large quantities of equipment that went safely for recycling.

The inhabitants of Calimăneşti and Budeşti had time intervals on the same day to collect waste electrical and electronic equipment for recycling at specially designated points. Thus, the collection action was carried out rapidly and efficiently.

We were delighted by the promptness of the people who became self-responsible and were extremely receptive to the idea of collecting this waste of electrical and electronic equipment. The fact that they brought the defective equipment (WEEE) from home on their own initiative proves that we are going in the right direction with these campaigns.

“We have launched an awareness and waste collection campaign for electrical and electronic equipment, Say NO to waste! which we intend to continue in 2021. We seek to reduce as much as possible the chances for this waste of electrical and electronic equipment to end up alongside household waste in inappropriate recycling processes.” explains Cristian Pocol – Chairman of the Respo WEEE Association.

The strategy will be activated in the future in a wide range of local communities in Romania where the Respo WEEE Association intends to share best collection practices and to help develop efficient methods of collecting this waste of electrical and electronic equipment in a correct and appropriate manner.


collection activities, which want to develop such WEEE collection campaigns, to contact us with confidence to collaborate. They can do it by accessing our website, Contact / Request for WEEE Collection area ( The working procedure is extremely simple: the administrative territorial unit fills in a collaboration protocol with the Respo WEEE Association, and we take care of the rest.

For those interested in obtaining collection containers, on the website there is an area dedicated to them. Those interested just need to request the container according to what their needs are. Therefore, we invite you to access our website Contact / Request for Collection Containers area ( where you will find an exhaustive range of containers.

The Respo WEEE Association aims to be constantly involved in organizing education and awareness activities, being open to collaborations for this type of actions and campaigns. Those interested can contact us in this regard at the email address

In the meantime, for those interested in being up to date with the news of the WEEE industry, we invite you to read on our blog.

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