Awareness & Social Responsibility. Since its establishment, the Respo WEEE Association has carried out actions to inform the population about the importance of proper recycling of WEEE and the danger that the substances in this waste can generate for the environment and individual health. Every year, we aim to create and implement campaigns beneficial to users in Romania, to help them more easily understand the worrying situation we are in because of the billions of tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment generated annually, but also the correct options to combat the harmful impact.

The level of information of the population on the selective collection and responsible recycling of WEEE is one of the decisive elements in achieving the objectives of the Respo WEEE Association in order to reuse, recycle and reduce the quantities of WEEE disposed of. Through our projects, we want a profound change within the society in terms of population’s mentality and habits of getting rid of things, promoting sustainable principles and methods. Our messages also support the awareness of all players involved in waste management on the need to transition to a circular economy model and the importance of waste seen as an extremely valuable secondary raw material in a country’s economy.

Distinct from the punctual campaigns, we made a series of information material, distributed in the online environment, but also in the specialised magazines and print publications.