Guerrilla Verde, the first film caravan with an ecological message, becomes a digital platform dedicated to environmental education and supports the formation of an informed and responsible society in Romania. Since September 2020, Guerrilla Verde has been conducting online educational events in the form of webinars, facilitating the access to study resources and offering young people the opportunity to get in touch with company employees, within an Eco-Mentoring program. During the webinars, young people will be able to learn from them what knowledge is needed for a career in sustainability.

Educational caravan. From 2009 to 2019, Guerrilla Verde took place in the form of local events in schools, high schools, universities, cinemas or alternative premises suitable for film screenings, debates, Q&A sessions, in the presence of special guests (NGOs, local partners, specialists in the field of environmental protection). Local actions were organized with the support of volunteers, authorities, local media, but also with the support of partner companies and environmental organizations. Since 2015, Guerrilla Verde is a satellite event of Green Week – the largest European event dedicated to the environment, organized by the European Union.

Event November 6th – Green Innovation from concept to examples of good practice from Norway and Romania. Why entrepreneurship and environmental actions go hand in hand, what sustainable energy means, but also how green innovation is reflected in the waste management process – these are the topics of discussion to be addressed by the guests of the #GreenInnovation webinar organized by Guerrilla Verde on Friday, November 6th 2020 | at 13.00 | LIVE Facebook / – event page

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