Important: This book has an educational and awareness role. Not distributed for commercial purposes!

One of the objectives of the Respo WEEE Association is the activity of educating and raising public awareness on the correct management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

In order to have the most efficient communication, we decided to carry out activities adapted to each age category, with personalized messages.

For the age group 6-9 years, we developed a collaboration with Ioana Chicet-Macoveiciuc, alias Urban Princess,, which is well known among children in this age category and by their parents .

The book is Ioana’s creation, at our request, for which we offered our financial and technical support.

Through this book, we want to take a first step in our dialogue with children aged 6-9 about the importance of proper collection and recycling of WEEE.

We thought of a very relaxed way to present our messages to children, and we will return with a series of such books in order to deepen our knowledge in the field.

From our analysis, we did not identify a course support for this topic and then we decided to start with this series of books that can be used in the training of children, tomorrow’s adults who will manage the systems of collection and treatment of these waste.

The book can be downloaded in electronic format, but if desired in printed form, please fill in the order form below, and we will send to the address indicated in the form, free of charge, the requested book / books.

We are waiting for your opinions about the book created and proposals on how we can improve this project.

Important! I ran out of books in physical time in record time. Thank you all for your interest and involvement. You can still download the book in .pdf format – via the form above. Enjoy reading everyone!