Black Friday – the day with the biggest discounts, is fast approaching and is announced to be a sensational day, thanks to the experience gained each year.

Online shopping has already grown and large online stores expect record sales amid the needs generated by the pandemic, but also the strong growth of e-commerce.

Black Friday 2020 will be the peak of online shopping in the domestic market, amid the decrease in the visits to offline stores.

The shopping event with the most offers and discounts has a special attraction for buyers of electrical and electronic equipment. From laptops and mobile phones to small and large appliances and personal care and health equipment – in 2020 Romania, the electronic and electrical equipment will dominate the Black Friday offers.

Research shows that over 67% of Romanians prefer to replace a broken appliance, rather than to repair it, choosing to buy newer, more effective and more efficient models. Also, 30% of the population prefers new appliances and electronics, to the detriment of the old-fashioned ones. As such, tons of electronic and electrical waste are generated each year, with Black Friday being an important peak in the unloading of unsorted electronic and electrical waste in landfills.

Technology retailers will need to focus on the collection of electronic waste, both for environmental and economic reasons, in order for the authorized entities to sort and recycle thereof.

On the other hand, Black Friday is also becoming an increasingly pressing issue for the end consumer, the one who keeps WEEE at home. The vast majority of consumers do not realize exactly how harmful these waste substances are to the health of their household, or do not know the methods of sorting and collecting this type of waste – the fact that they must be separated from other waste and handed over to specialized collection centres.

On the occasion of Black Friday 2020, the RESPO WEEE Association proposes to the final consumers to say NO to waste! and recycle RESPOnsibly. All they have to do is to request a collection or a collection box for electrical and electronic waste on the website. RESPO will send the collection boxes FREE OF CHARGE, so that those interested can correctly sort and collect the electrical and electronic waste from their home, and will deposit it at the collection centres organized by economic operators authorized to collect WEEE from the vicinity of their household.

The application form for the collection box is here. Order the box NOW!

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