As of June 15th, 2021, you can hand over small electrical appliances that you no longer use, as simple as can be. The RESPO WEEE Association grants you a special storage envelope, and the courier from Glovo knocks on your door in order to pick it up, after you have placed the electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE) inside said envelope.

The RESPO WEEE Association, in partnership with Glovo, starts the summer cleaning initiative in the homes of the people of Bucharest. Thus, the inhabitants of the Capital, but also those from neighbouring areas of Bucharest, are invited to rummage through their closets and gather all electrical and electronic equipment they no longer need: tablets, mobile phones, consoles, routers, mouse devices, computers, cameras, hair straighteners and curlers, electric toothbrushes, etc.

Then, citizens must access the Respo WEEE Association website, – where they can order a free storage envelope, available in two different sizes. Also, those who live near one of the following Humanitas bookstores in Bucharest: Kretzulescu, Cișmigiu, Auchan, or simply arrive there to read or buy a good book, must not forget that they can acquire the envelope for storage of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) for free from these locations.

We are working to expand the network of locations of the RESPO WEEE Association stands. We will soon announce more locations where these stands are to be located, and from where citizens will be able to procure their RESPO bags or boxes, free of charge.

Once the envelope is filled with small electrical appliances, all you have to do is call the green number: 0 800 800 219, and the Glovo courier will arrive at the address mentioned by you, in order to pick up the envelope, also free of charge. Where possible, it is recommended to dispose of batteries and accumulators beforehand.

“We are glad that Humanitas bookstores and Glovo are with us in this campaign we are running between June 15th, 2021 and July 15th, 2021. With the help of the two partners, we will be able to collect all the electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) that the people of Bucharest keep in their homes more easily and much more quickly. We provide them with this collection method, which is simple and free, and, in this manner, we hope to increase the recycling rate of this type of waste, in order to protect our health and the environment”, stated Cristian Pocol, president of the Respo WEEE Association.

It is useful to know that small electrical equipment in 2019 produced the most waste in the global amount of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE), reaching the threshold of 17.4 million tons, according to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020 study. Moreover, it is estimated that electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) will reach 74 million tonnes by 2030, which actually indicates the fact that this type of waste has the fastest growing rate.

“All these figures raise the alarm, in what concerns collecting electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) separately and disposing of it alongside household waste. This way, waste will be able to be integrated in the recycling process, from which, later on, raw materials used in the production of other equipment will result. Thus, we will be able to contribute to the development of a circular economy in our country”, according to Cristian Pocol.

Author: Daniela Cristescu

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