Humankind will exhaust on August 1st all the resources that nature can renew within a year and will live “on duty” for five months, according to Global Footprint Network NGO, whose specialists claim that this historic moment occurs earlier and earlier every year, inform AFP and Agerpres.

August 1st is “the date when we will have used more trees, water, fertile soils and fish than the Earth can give us in a year to feed, shelter and move, and we will have emitted more carbon than the oceans and forests can absorb”, said Valerie Gramond with WWF, a partner of the Global Footprint Network.

“Today, we would need the equivalent of 1.7 Earth to meet our needs”

WWF experts said in a statement

This date is the earliest recorded since the “Overshoot Day” began to be calculated, in the early 1970s, when the chosen date was December 29th. In 2017, Overshoot Day was August 3rd.

This lead “has accelerated due to overconsumption and waste,” said Valerie Gramond, who recalled that worldwide, about a third of all food ends up in the trash. “We are destabilizing the planet’s ability to regenerate,” the same specialist added.

The situation differs greatly from country to country. “We have different responsibilities: small countries with small populations, such as Qatar and Luxembourg, have a very strong ecological footprint,” said Pierre Cannet, a WWF researcher. If all mankind lived like those countries, the ” Overshoot Day” would occur in the second month of the year, between February 9th and 19th. In return, in a country like Vietnam, the date set for “Overshoot Day” would be December 21st.

“We need to move from alarm to action”, said Pierre Cannet, who is concerned about the resumption of global CO2 emissions growth in 2017 after three years of stabilization.

Various solutions are disclosed on the site dedicated to the “Overshoot Day” in order to reverse this trend: reviewing the way cities are designed, developing and prioritizing green energy, combating food waste and meat overconsumption, limiting population expansion.

Each person can calculate their own ecological footprint on the website

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